Intro + Request for Properties/Wholesalers

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Hi there! I'm a long time Miami resident and business owner, but new to BiggerPockets. I'm interested in meeting others in the area and I'm particularly interested in increasing my deal flow (hola wholesalers). I'm investing in SFH flips and long term multifamily properties throughout the tri-county area. I'm mostly involved with buying distressed/value add properties.

Be happy to jump on a call or have coffee with any wholesalers who are looking for an active buyer to put on their buyers list. Would also be interested in any serious meet ups that are going on. I only have small bits of advice in REI, but I've built successful companies in the past so can talk your ear off about that side of things.

Anyways, thanks for reading and please reach out!

Hey @Cody Littlewood

Welcome to BP man. You definitely came to the right platform. I'm sure many professionals will jump in and introduce themselves shortly but you should definitely come by to the next local BP meetup! You can RSVP here, hope to see you there!