Miami Investor Friendly Title Companies (Recommendations Needed)

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Hello All,

I have found a two "investor friendly" title companies however, I am not satisfied with their communication and service. Is there anyone in the South Florida , Miami, Miami Dade , Broward market who can recommend their preferred title company?

I currently have a deal under contract I am wholesaling and I would hate for it to fall apart due to lack of communication.

Please send your recommendations !

Thank you in advance!

@Paolo Alejandro Gregory Taylor Professional Associates out in Fort Lauderdale is my recommendation. Ask for Holly Maseda, let her know I sent her your way if you do. They are comfortable with double closings and are always great on communication and helpful. I actually closed my personal residence with them as well. 

@Paolo Alejandro

I’ve been doing all my closings since 2009 with them. I’m a realtor, investor, asset manager and I syndicate investors for multi-families. Last month I closed a 34 units multi-family and I highly recommend them.

Alvaro Castillo Lawyer

Closing Manager

Palm Title Corp

Alvaro Castillo P.A.

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