2.5 Ton Aircondition in the Tampa area

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How much should it cost me to buy and install 2.5 Ton decent quality air condition system for a SFH?
I was quoted 6 K including permit for a Trane system - it seems too high 

Is it possible to find a system for 3 to 4k including installation?

Thanks in advance

It depends on a bunch of different factors. Permit adds $1000. You should be between $4-5000. Trane is a top 3 brand. I’m a fan of Rheem. Try Fontana Brothers AC for a quote. 

@Tom Parris   I think you might mean about $100 for the permit, not $1,000.

It depends on exactly what has to be done.  But if it is simply an inplace swap, my AC guy generally charges about $3K, but I do about 15+ swaps a year and tons of service calls.  I tend to like TempStar for the price/value and ease of service.  But a good price for someone who does a system here and there is probably around $4K.  Anything more and I think they are taking advantage of you.