Cost Per SqFt to Build in Cape Coral

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Hey BP,

Got a piece of Land I've had down in Cape Coral for about 5yrs now I picked up through Tax Lien Auction.  Sold the ones I had in Lehigh and Alva and this is the only one left, haven't had any action on it in close to a year on Zillow and now listed with an agent with ReMax. 

I'm considering putting a 1200-1500sqft block home on the lot and was curious what ballpark figure would be on the price per sqft.  

This is new territory to me so very interested in finding a builder in the Cape Coral area to speak with or even a fellow investor that would potentially want to partner up.

I live in the Cape just off Chiquita where there are a ton of model homes and builders.

Some have been here for years and others not. And at the same time, some are good and some are not so much.

Coincidentally, I've been revisiting them lately because I've been doing some rehab on my own home and want to build what I want soon rather than put up with the house I'm living in now.

I happen to like Seascape Builders. They use ICF (steel reinforced block) with excellent insulation properties.

There are others I can recommend, but I'm out of time at the moment. Feel free to message me.


Hi Dane,

Depending on what type of finishes you're looking for, I'd baseline this at roughly $100/sf. If you have blueprints and don't mind going through a GC rather than one of the thousands of local construction companies (that typically eat up 10-20% in profit), you might be able to do it for $90/square but that could be a stretch... although I've seen some people get built for $80 or so with a friend or family member with a GC license.

If you want better finishes and a local builder, I'd plan on $125/sf. Honestly, I wouldn't plan on high end finishes in any home under 2,000sf.

If you do build, consider a floorplan with a 4th bedroom or den. The resale market is typically better for these properties and the cost to build is the same.

Costs can vary depending on whether the lot is cleared or not, the need for fill dirt, public vs. private utilities, etc.

Thanks for quick replies @Corey Morrison @Seth Nadreau

Seth I was thinking $80-$100 would be the range. Good point on the 4th bdrm. All preliminary but land is cleared and besides permits ready to be built. Public water and electric already in neighborhood. Time to start comping my area to see if there's profit to be made!

@Dane Peterson Any progress? I moved to Cape recently and am considering a duplex.

@Rich Cee

There was progress but not in the way of building. Just closed on the the sale of the vacant land about 2 weeks ago.  Put under contract for a month with nothing to lose but listed time. Buyer assigned the contract to a local builder.  I'm  happy though no more Lee County land owned! 

@Dane Peterson You are excited to get rid of the lot? Why so? Is there something about Lee County that I should know about? 

@Rich Cee haha no. Just was my highest property taxes out of the ones I owned/picked up from the tax deed auction years ago.  Was getting too close to a break-even and I never planned to live in that area.  If I were to have any rentals in Lee county it'd be south Ft. Myers from Daniels Pkwy south. 

Why that area? Better returns? Nicer schools?

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