Wholesaling in Brevard?

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I have been attending a meetup hosted by @Priscilla Z. and there are a number of wholesalers who attend.  We've got at least one fix-and-flip guy, who works exclusively in Palm Bay, in addition to Priscilla and her husband.  It is a smallish group, and as a group people are quite active and have a lot of experience in a wide array of real estate.  We just met this week, so the next should be in a few weeks.  I tagged her, and you can PM her (or me) directly for more information.

@Christopher Schmidt Hi Christopher, as @Kerry Baird mentioned, there are quite a few wholesalers in the area.  I'm able to find properties under $70K and wholesale some when we have too many projects going on at the same time.  PM me and I can add you to our email list for our next meeting, which will be Monday, October 5.

I'm in Brevard, and a wholesaler throughout the BLOOPS- Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Polk. (I also go down to Palm Beach County because I routinely conduct certain other business in Delray Beach, and Boca Raton).  I just updated my profile because my approach has been a little too successful (it breaks my heart to tell people, "no", and I refuse to string people along) and I'm looking to add up to three more CASH BUYERS to my list who want to acquire 1 to 3 single family homes per month.  Understand that when I say CASH BUYER, I mean CASH BUYER, money in hand, ready to close.  I'm not looking for a wholesaler misrepresenting themselves as a cash buyer who just wants to shop my deals, and I'm not interested in your hard money or other financing contingencies. (In fact, I have my own hard money and other private financing-- if I'm going that route- I'll keep the deal and do it myself). 

Let me know if you (or anyone reading this) wants to acquire 1 to 3 houses WELL BELOW MARKET PRICE each month. Note that working with me is not amateur hour- I am not going to try to assign you contract for a $100K house for $90K.  Our worst offering is 30% below market, but our typical offer is 50% to 60% off market-- and we don't use Zillow for our valuations ;)

For all others- if you are a genuinely distressed seller in need of help- if you can't afford your house, you're behind on payments / taxes; uninsured; or you're a burnt out landlord with tenant / eviction issues; facing job re-location, divorce, or life has otherwise happened to you-- maybe you took advice from how to invest in real estate from some message board, and now you've got a dog or dogs you need to unload?-- I have CASH BUYERS ready to go NOW; In addition, I also have a waiting list of tenant-buyers with deposits and/or option consideration ready to go in the BLOOPS- Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Polk Counties.  I have a business associate in Tampa that buys for cash in that area as well- though I'd just be referring you over free of charge because he's a friend of mine.  Don't let that distressed property nightmare go on one more day longer than is necessary. Get it gone!