Looking for connections in Rehab Flipping Orlando

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My name is Larry Griller and I am new to BP. 

I am looking to connect with a local investment group or individual who has knowledge, experience, and connections with rehab flipping single family homes in the Orlando area.  Knowledge and connections with hard money lenders is preferable. 

I am willing to offer my services for free in return to gaining knowledge and experience.

I have some basic knowledge on the foreclosure auctions for both Seminole and Orange County and have attended courthouse auctions in Seminole a few times.  In addition, I have taught myself how to research county records for accurate information on loan foreclosures.

My wife is a real estate agent and I am in the process of getting my real estate license.

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.


Welcome to BP. I renovate and sell single family homes full-time,  right here in Central Florida,  I am based in Orlando,  and live not too far from Universal Studios. If you are interested,  we can meet up some time to discuss the opportunities, and I can share with you some of the resources available to help support your business. 

I can also send you a link to a video of one of my flips,  so you can see what kind of work I do, if you like. 


Thanks for all your suggestions for meetings.  I have attended a CFRI meeting a few years back.  I appreciate everyone responding to my post.  Hopefully we can meet at some future Orlando meetings.

To be an investor, you need "product"...

We are a residential and commercial Brokerage that works with investors across Central Florida from coast to coast.

To assist them, we provide things like spreadsheets of HUD properties weekly of new listings for all the counties surrounding you as well as assistance in bidding on the properties offered. In addition, we also distribute specialized MLS searches to keep investors abreast of all the new REO, short sale, expired, or price reductions on MLS listings.

I'm an investor in the Orlando market and I started in 1996. I have money and experience. I am looking for new properties to invest in.

I specialize in foreclosures. If you are out looking at foreclosures and you get a seller willing to sell please keep me in mind. I would be happy to purchase the property and of course pay you a fee. 

Please contact me.

Hey all, 

I'm a Civil Engineering student at UCF. I graduate in December and I really want to start investing in real estate. Things I can offer: endless ambition, and drive!