Seeking Empty Lots to Build

4 Replies | Orlando, Florida

I am a builder and investor in the Orlando, FL market.  I am seeking "in-fill" lots, which are vacant buildable lots in residential neighborhoods that have already been developed.  We are looking for these lots to be in single family subdivisions valued over $220,000 and our purchase price point under $50,000.

We will consider lots that allow for multifamily units as well regardless of the retail value, but still purchase price under $50,000.

Originally posted by @John Rogers :

If it would help, I would be happy to set up a "vacant land" search on MLS with your criteria.

It gets auto-delivered by e-mail to you.

 Hi John, thanks for the offer.  I already have that set up.  If you happen to come across any off-market opportunities with my parameters, please let me know.


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