Property management for VRBO in Orlando

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Hi everyone!

A 2018 goal of mine is to purchase a vacation property in Orlando/Kissimmee close to the attractions & parks. 

I'm based in Pompano Beach, about 4 hours away, so my main concern is finding a reputable and affordable property management company.

I'd like to maintain responsibility for marketing & bookings, but would like to outsource "on the ground" management like cleaning and turning the house over in between guests.

Does anyone have personal recommendations for this type of property management set-up?

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks all.

Kara,  I have the same goal for myself for 2018.  I live near Pittsburgh, PA and am looking to purchase a property for my family to use for vacation as well as short-term rental when we are not there.  I own rental properties near me but nothing out of state or short term rentals.  I am really nervous as I know nothing about the real estate market in Florida and am in the process of researching.  What criteria are you looking for in a property?  I am not sure what I can do to assist you in obtaining your goal but if there is anything that I can, I would be willing to help.     

@Account Closed -

Kara - Feel free to contact me regarding a property manager.  I work with an excellent one.  Many property managers require that you let them to do your short term rental marketing, which can be very expensive.  The property manager I use does not require that.

John - If you are possibly considering a short term rental vacation home in the Orlando area around Disney World, feel free to contact me.  I'll guide you toward where I think the best vacation home investment properties are and can provide you with pro forma statements if needed.


Hey @Account Closed !  By "maintaining responsibility for marketing & bookings" do you mean you want to be messaging guests and managing the listing, and setting prices on sites like Airbnb, VRBO, etc?  I know of some great automation tools that allows you to do this remotely if you'd like me to share shot me a pm.  

@Keith Courtney : I'm spending a lot of time shopping PM companies for Disney area STRs. I did find one who encourages owners to do own marketing/booking to save $ but I'd really appreciate recommendations on a solid company with reasonable rates if you'd like to share.