ORLANDO FLORIDA NETWORKING - Starting a monthly meetup

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Hey guys and gals,

My wife and I just moved down from Atlanta where I was a part of a successful meetup with tons of BP members. I am going to kickstart a meetup in Orlando for those interested in growing their network: Investors, Agents, Wholesalers, Lenders, etc. I've seen tons of deals happen and have been a part of several through networking events like the one I'm starting. This isn't just for Orlando, but all investors from Central Florida. Let's get together, share our stories, swap business cards and make more deals happen for everyone. 

I'd personally love to connect one on one for coffee anytime. I'm in the Oviedo area. 

Brandon Comer

PS: If anybody knows of any commercial spaces who'd sponsor a 2-hour meetup once a month, connect me with them so I can share the vision and get us a solid location!

So sorry everybody, I've been MIA, emails were going to a junk folder and I wasn't even thinking to check on that! 

@Bernadeau C. has a groupme conversation about his meetups, generally on Saturday mornings. Awesome networking opportunity. Be sure to message him about that!

I am going to be working on a secondary one for those who can't make it Saturday mornings to meet up after work on a weekday. I am still looking for a good location for us to meet up at. Here are 2 questions that I'd need some answers for:

1- What is a good neutral location around Orlando?

1b- Any places who'd be willing to host for free? Everybody likes free.

2- What day of the week works for everybody?

My number is 678 6three1 6onezero1 so call me with any ideas. I wanna get this ball rolling and get a meeting started later this month!

@Laura Lewis Yes. We meet the first Saturday of every month.  We post the events under the Network - Event tab. We are listed as the Central Florida Real Estate Investment Hub.  You can also reach out to me or @Bernadeau C. directly.