Insurance Rates surged on Rental. Anyone have a good Ins. Broker?

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Hi everyone,

I recently got insurance renewals on a couple of properties I own and manage in the Disney area. Most of my rentals renewed at the same price as before, with 1 house increasing by a few dollars a month, and one in particular increasing from $1,400/year to $2,300/Year. A $900 increase was not something I was expecting, so I am looking for someone who can search for a better rate for me. Please and thank you,


Yeah seems strange that some areas seem to be skyrocketing the insurance rates. I get people are a big spooked with Covid and all, but the insurance almost doubling doesn't seem right to me.

Look into American Modern. I moved from USAA to them several years ago and they've done nothing to antagonize me.  My rule of them - opt for the highest deductible, insure for 75% of ACV and avoid the add-ons like vandalism and flood.  Just make sure you can cover the bet if God calls you on it. Best, Terrell

@Terrell Garren

I am just now seeing your post now. Thanks for the advice. Im chatting with a broker now actually and making some calls around.

Loved the “God calls you on a bet” comment also btw. Mind if i use that?? Haha