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Back in Boston - Looking to Connect and Add Value !

Posted Oct 7 2019, 13:20

Hi There,

I am a budding Real Estate Investor who moved back to the East Coast (Boston) due to my familiarity with the area and wants to start in the market. While I understand that this market, in particular, is a tough one for Real Estate Starting, it is only a start, and we have an entire country to expand upon once a solid foundation is formed. I am looking for ACTION-ORIENTED individuals who are looking to meet up and discuss opportunities for expanding in the Submarkets of Boston and its surrounding populous cities. 

This network is ideal for designed to put together individuals with new ideas on how to recognize and seize budding opportunities for acquisition in and around our beautiful city, and eventually look abroad to similar opportunities! Are you interested in taking a large step forward and working with people who want to DO and not only learn? 

If so, Please personal message me and we can consolidate and move toward setting up a meeting to help you achieve your goals. We are looking for entrepreneurs eager to get their foot in the door, to the seasoned veteran who has large ideas and looking for the group to help move them forward. I look forward to hearing from all those interested! 

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