Best MLS Site in Georgia

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I am not currently a real estate agent and so I do not have direct access to the MLS. What is the best MLS website for searching the MLS in Georgia?

The above question has two aspects. First, which website is most up to date with MLS listings? Second, which MLS website is easiest to use?


For immediate "ease" and graphics - I prefer Zillow. Do not assume Zillow is accurate with its Zestimate, and it is not updated as frequently as the MLS. (MLS updates every 15 minutes throughout the US) Redfin and Trulia are also good. I am also an agent - so I use MLS when I need more thorough comps, tax data with maps, plat maps, etc.

There's another source that is just as accurate - but you can only get it from an agent that subscribes to Listingbook.  It's an app that you can search like an agent - in real time - the agent oversees your activity on it. It's used so the agent can make appointments on the houses that interest their clients, promote listings that they have, open houses, etc. But is also searches in real time on your phone.

The official answer is that there is no true exact replica to the MLS - The MLS allows access to their site through the Zillows of the world, - but they do not give away everything -including their secret sauce - otherwise, there wouldn't be a need for agents- which is where the information comes from to begin with!

You can certainly get away without using the MLS - you don't have to be accurate to the dollar (like a bank requires) when determining ARV's etc. If that were true- there wouldn't be any negotiating when you sell to a buyer - the house would be priced to the dollar - with neighborhood values! Good luck!