Blue Collar/Working Class Neighborhoods in the Metro Area

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Hi All,

I'm trying to get a feel for Atlanta and am interested in investing in blue collar/working class neighborhoods. Can someone please identify what cities/neighborhoods I should look further into?

Wow, Atlanta is such a huge area.  It would be helpful to know more detail.  I'm in north Atlanta, near Marietta.  Even within that town there are lots of nice blue collar areas that likely would not have the risk that some other areas have. Then again, your prices will be much different.  What's your criteria?  

You would be able to find houses like that in Mableton (Cobb County).  I don't know Stone Mountain (Dekalb County) quite as well but it seems like the prices could be around that price point, as well. Atlanta, itself, also has a bunch of these areas. The trick is to watch of for vandalism and riff-raff (that's a technical term ;)

What type of rental rate & ROI are you looking for?

I agree with the neighborhoods that @James Han and @Paul Smythe pointed out. You will be able to find a lot of houses in that price range outside of those areas, however. I know people always say to focus in on a "farm area" and go from there, but try casting a wide net at your price range then evaluate the neighborhood, rents, ease of managing (based on your location), crime, economy, etc.

Good luck!