Looking for Property Manager in Atlanta area

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I'm in need of a new Property Manager for my SFH in Lithonia (20 miles east of Atlanta).

If anyone has one to recommend...I would appreciate it. 

I'm also looking for a Contractor who can complete some cosmetic repairs (tenant turnover.)


I have to great and professional contractors that you can interview and choose from. They are licensed and bonded. Let me know if you want their info!

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Thanks guys...private messages sent.

I have found Elite 1 Property Management to be pretty thorough. I can give you a whole list of management companies in Atlanta if you want to call through them all. Some are pretty busy managing hedge portfolios,  and some work with mainly individual owners. 

I think the best ones come down to those that have honest communication, efficient processes, and preventative maintenance in place. 

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@ Tracy Ellison will you message me I had a few questions for you and I'm not sure how to message on here. Thanks

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