Seeking duplex in Metro Atlanta Area (ITP)

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Hello Atlanta,

I'm seeking a duplex in the metro Atlanta area to house-hack. I'm a young professional seeking to reduce my housing expense by living in one side and renting out the other. I already have an agent, but am reaching out to the BP community to see if I can source any off market deals. If you own a duplex in a good area (please no low-income areas as I will be house-hacking) and are willing to sell, please reach out to me to discuss!


-Location: Must be in the Atlanta city limits with a preference near west midtown (home park, Berkeley Park, Loring heights) or Lindbergh, collier hills, underwood hills.

- Price: Max $400k

- Condition: Preferably not turn-key, looking to get something at a slight discount and do cosmetics renovations of ~$20k (new floorings, paint, cabinets, bathroom) to bring the units up to date.

- Bedrooms: Preferably minimum 2 bedrooms in each unit. Again, not a must open to all.

Cannot pay all cash, but I do have my financial ducks in a row and will have no problem qualifying for financing.

If you have a duplex with tenants you are tired of, has been sitting vacant, or would just like to free up some capital please reach out to me! Save the 6% brokers commission and sell directly to me!


Charles Kennedy

I don't have anything, but I appreciate the initiative. I hope you find what you're looking for. I would be interested in similar properties.