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Hi, I'm totally new here. I'm researching markets in the Atlanta area to see where might be good to invest. I'm on the north side of town, but would be ok with anything north of there or down as far as Buckhead area. Any insights? What burbs do you find success in?  I'd be looking at buy-and-hold and possibly a couple of flips. Thanks for your input.

I have no doubt you can find something out there, but the returns are way smaller and deals harder to find. You are kind of late to the party. Should have been here a few years ago.

I agree with Kevin, in my opinion I would look farther South. You can still find decent deals, also try to connect with wholesalers and only the ones who are direct to their sellers. Lately a lot of folks have joined the game and started sending out other wholesalers properties with an extra fee attached. 

Thanks, guys...  I'll keep that in mind.  I could do S. Atl, but I thought for my first deal it would be better to look closer to home. 

What about in the mountains, Elijah and Blue Ridge?  Are they tough to get good deals in now as well?  

I wish I HAD done this a while ago! 

I've found it to be valuable to join a local REIA. REIAs historically are where experienced folks hang, the older experienced types. Meetup / BP are very new. I have benefited immensely from the folks I have met in the REIA I joined. Not a plug, stating what I feel to be true.

@curt Smith, I'm going to do that soon!   Thanks!  

@kevin auyong and @daniel humpries, what burbs are hot on the south side?  

Hi Jessica, 

I wholesale the majority of the deals I get. Let me know if I can assist you in finding good deals for your investments. I currently have 5 new deals in Metro Atlanta from East Atlanta to the South Side.  

Hey @Jessica Freese welcome to BP, I agree with what folks are talking about. I work for a wholesale company in Buckhead, we are doing a lot of smaller deals in south ATL. PM me I would love to tell you more about what we do and how I can help you find the inventory you are looking for

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