Tenant filed for bankruptcy and Eviction is on Stay

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Our tenant is not paying rent (2+ months) and we were going through the eviction process. He filed for bankruptcy right before appearing in the eviction court and the eviction case is on an automatic stay.

The tenant is still living in the apartment and not picking our calls as we tried to work out.

Next Bankruptcy court date is on June 20 and would like to know our options.

Any recommendations for a bankruptcy attorney in Dekalb country/Atlanta. ?.

want to give an update on the situation. Court Approved the writ of possession and now it is scheduled for eviction with marshals office. Its a loonggggg and lengthy process.

Question :

The marshals office scheduled for evicting the tenant next week of friday (8/10). Should I notify the tenant before then ?.

My concern is that tenant got 3 kids and not sure where they will be after the Marshal kicks them out.

(Tenant is living in the unit since Mar 25 and NOT a single dollar as rent). Judgement against the tenant is with us to collect $3500 from the tenant.

I would not notify the tenant.  They can make plans to thwart the sheriff (or otherwise screw up the unit).  Just get an eviction company to come take the person's stuff out to the curb, and either change the locks yourself or have a locksmith do it as soon as they are out.  Also, secure the windows very well or you will be dealing with squatters most likely.