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Hi All,

I'm a potential out of state investor looking to get into a market within Atlanta, my preference would be either a BRRR or long term hold for a small MFU (2-4 units). Can anyone recommend a real estate agent for my search?

I would love to also get in on this thread.  I am interested as well but would love to know other investors that like realtors they have used.  I don't really know what to think when agents themselves reach out.

Hi @Ahmad Kakar !  Welcome to our market!  As you search for an agent, in addition to being investor-friendly, you'll want to consider the geographic area as well.   There are lots of agents but many focus on a specific part of town or county.   There are a lot of hot areas right now, particularly intown Atlanta.  Let me know if I can be of any assistance.  Happy Hunting!

Hello All,

I have been listening to the podcast for about a year but am new to the forums. I too am also looking for a local realtor in the Atlanta area to help assisting me in purchasing my first investment property.

@Ahmad Kakar @Courtney Radmall @Dustin J Cooper I work with an investor-focused super-agent/broker here in Atlanta. Aside from being responsive and knowledgeable, she is also an experienced landlord and property manager and an expert in lease/purchase and owner financing. We recommend her to all our out-of-state and overseas clients.

I'll gladly make a warm introduction for you if you connect with me here on BP!

For the record, I receive exactly nothing for making these referrals.

Akia Shaw, she is one of Keller Williams top Agents(look her up). Other then being a great person all around she kills it when it come to RE. She has worked in high ranking capacities in several banks so for an investor here connections in the Atlanta banking community our invaluable. 

I've recently moved away from Atlanta and I'm now a Realtor in Mississippi. I have a partner in Atlanta and I'm looking to do some wholesaling and cherry pick some of the deals for fix and flips in Decatur and Conyers. 

Are there any agents that work with wholesalers?

I do in my market, but I'm looking to find someone in Atlanta to work with my partner who is boots on the ground. 

@Christian Brown We work with wholesalers around Atlanta, but we're still finding deals pretty regularly on-market as well. The thing to keep in mind with wholesalers is you have to be ready to go under contract with no Due Diligence and pay all cash. I'm sure you know that already but it adds a layer of complexity.

@Ahmad Kakar have you you found a property yet? I have worked in Sacramento and Atlanta, and can safely say that you are moving in the right direction by looking at investing into Georgia as a California-based investor.