Looking for attorney against tenant fraud

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Hi there! I am taking on a class c- property. I just heard from the onsite property manager that some tenants are planning to play slip and fall game. I have walked through the property and fixed visible things with risk, but I would love to know any attorney I should contact in case I need to fight through a lawsuit when there is a fraud. Any recommendations? The property is in downtown Atlanta. Thank you!

Interesting. I wonder how many landlords/pms do a video walk through of their properties on a bi-annual basis to document that no potentially dangerous conditions exist. Not a bad idea...in case you do need a lawyer sometime.

Just send you a direct message with a referral. Other thing to keep in mind is to make sure you have proper liability coverage. At the very least your insurance company could help with legal council if an issue were to arise. I agree with @Marian Smith you may want to take some pictures or video to document things. Also take detailed notes on any repairs that were made to resolve trip hazards etc. 

Your insurance co has their own attorneys for this.....you’ll have to notify them with any claims/law suits anyway.
Full agreement with videoing everything.