Eviction Process and what to expect

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We have scheduled an eviction process with Marshalls office next week. The tenant is still living in the house with kids.  House is located in Dekalb county, Georgia.

We would like to know about what to expect and be prepared for the unknown.

Marshall office told us to  :

1. 5 movers for moving stuffs 

 2. Keys to the apartment unit (or lock smith).

3. Trash bags

4. Do not go in or knock until Marshal let us know. 

Any thing else. ?. share your experiences so that we will be prepared. First time we are dealing with the eviction.

Bring new lock sets and a way to secure the windows, if necessary.  Photo-document all conditions before you clean up, just in case.

If this is your first eviction, even if it is not...You may want to engage the services of an eviction company. I have used Alpha Evictions several times and they have done a great job. They provide movers and often times work directly with the sheriff to schedule the set-out. The number one reason I use an outside company is to limit liability. These are professionals and they know the laws and also if a tenant has an accusation of theft you can completely wash your hands of it as an eviction company handled the set out(Not you and 4 of your friends). 

Thanks for your responses. last week, i have notified the tenant about the eviction proceeding as a courtesy so that he can find a place for his 3 kids before the marshal kick him out  however he still staying with his kids even now. 

Now that the date is scheduled, what are your thoughts on notifying the tenant ?. should i be repeatedly warning him about the upcoming event ?

@Jessica Freesia Prices are actually pretty reasonable, all things considered. I believe it was around $200 for the first hour and then $95 for each 1/2 after that. Which is pretty reasonable when you consider they are sending 5 people out. You can call them for more specifics, they are very nice. 

@Moncy Samuel I am unsure what the Dekalb County Sheriff advises, but I know the Cobb County Sheriff advises you not to tell the tenant what date they are coming. They do this strictly for security as they have had incidents where people were armed and resisted.