Atlanta Land Banking Authority

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Do any of you have experience dealing with this organization?  I'm under contract for a property that is wrapped on two sides by a parcel owned by the Atlanta Land Bank Authority.  This L shaped parcel means that the parcel I may purchase will lack any usable yard space.  I don't see it listed on their properties available for sale and have zero experience with land banking in general, so thought I'd reach out here and see if anyone can lend their advice. 


Non-profits give their parcels to the landbank to hold until they're ready to do something with it. 

Thanks, Michaela! Do you know if there is any way to find out who that non-profit is? The tax records show it was held by an LLC prior to being transferred to the land bank. It is a vacant house with someone living on the front porch, so somewhat of a deterrent to my purchasing the adjacent property as an investment.

Never mind, I am just going to call them and inquire about the property. :) I found this really helpful HUD publication on landbanking in case anyone is curious: