New construction in East Atlanta - for sale or JV

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Hi Fellow Investors, 

I have a property in East Atlanta that is ready to be built on! The old structure has been torn down, plans have been drawn, and we are awaiting the permit! I am looking to raise some funds for additional rehab costs or JV with another investor/builder to get this gem moving. Let me know your thoughts.

Quick Numbers..

Currently Invested:  $270,000

Rehab: $210,000

ARV: $580,000

We are offering 10% cash on cash return to any money invested.  Other opportunities will need to be looked at on an individual basis. 

Send me an email to: stephanie @

Thanks in advance, 


@Stephanie Ferrante Your numbers seem interesting. $210k is new build or a lot of build number, but you mentioned doing an addition. Also your ARV is pretty high unless this is a great spot in EAV. Are you sure about this?

Last but not least, be careful promising a rate of return in exchange for an investment.  You can offer to borrow money and pay 10%, but you cannot suggest 10% return for someone investing in the deal with you (equity).  

@Rick Baggenstoss $210k is for a new construction build.  Not sure I understand your first statement on that?

Thank you for your suggestions on the return.  Yes, 10% on borrowed money but each situation would be review on an individual basis..  Of course we would come to a clear agreement prior to any money exchanging hands.