Flipping in Atlanta

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@David Martin Jr I would build up my skill set first by learning to analyze deals. Comb through the MLS and crunch the numbers on 3-4 properties a night that are in different areas of the city. Eventually you'll find a neighborhood or area where the numbers make sense.

@Ashish Acharya has a pretty powerful spreadsheet he may be willing to share.

If you're interested in flipping in Atlanta, I would highly recommend you check out the beltline zip codes. 30310, 30314, 30316, 30318. We have had a lot of success in these areas

All of the previous advice have been sound and accurate. I always like to think about what are my investment goals and what are my current talents. Beltline properties are the the obvious investor choice, but acquiring those properties for a good price to get a quality return could be difficult if you do not have the proper skill set. The outside areas South Atlanta and North East and North West Atlanta are also promising and you could find good deals there as well. Atlanta is like every other market, you need to know what it has to offer and what the people are coming here to do. Do some research build a network of people you can go bounce ideas off, and move with calculated aggression. Things out here are moving fast. Best of Luck to you.

David, I recently relocated to the Gainesville area from Texas and am actively looking properties to wholesale. I prefer the areas North of Atlanta because there is relatively less competition. If would like me to send you properties as I come across them, please send me a private message.