When is the best time of day to Follow Up with your leads?

3 Replies | Atlanta, Georgia

Hey BP,

When do you all think is a better time to follow up call your seller leads that stated they were interested in selling? Also when do you think is the best time to call new leads?

@Anton Watt I like calling leads Saturday after 10:30am or so. I find most people are willing to talk as they have some time and are not rushed with work. If I have a follow up I try to let them select the time they would like a follow up call, if they dont have one I ask if I can follow up with them at a certain date and time. Then most importantly I actually follow up. Deals are made on the follow up! 

@Matthew Nicklin is absolutely right, most deals come from consistent follow-up even when you think a lead is lost. I had one lead I closed with last week that I had been reaching out to for over 2 years, called over 50 times, only took one time to reach at the right moment, and then it was just a matter of building rapport, seeing if we were a good fit.

I've also had success calling Saturday around noonish. People seem to be in a good mood at that time. I've also had luck during the week from the 6:00pm-8:00pm block. It's hard when you don't know someone's schedule. If you call at the wrong time, they might not be too happy, but then I always try to follow up with a text apologizing and asking when a better time to talk would be. If you track what time of day is bad for them, give them a call another time, and keep trying until they tell you to stop. My ultimate goal is to get someone to say no, because the more no's I get, the closer I know I'm getting to a yes. It's all about numbers, really.

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