SF New Construction in ATL

4 Replies | Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for order of magnitude the cost to to build new single family house (detached). I own three (3) lots and I am considering building a 1700SF house (3/2) on sewer. Looking for a square foot cost using low/medium/high rates. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Again there is not acquisition cost and no basement necessary. Single story house would be the end product for typical wage earner.

Depends where the land is located and ease/difficulty of that municipality but expect $10o-$150/sqft  minimum if you don’t have a dedicated crew and haven’t done this before. 

@Kevin Polite - is pretty on with a buck/buck fifty psf.  Depending upon the location, finishes, grades of material, etc....you could get close to $100 psf, not including any lot development, etc...

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