New Construction under contract within 60 days

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Just wanted to show you guys a property we did in the mozely park area that went under contract within 60 days of listing. I will attach a few before pictures and you can see after pictures here:

Will be happy to answer questions and/or help any investor that needs it. 

Nice Project Jay. I haven't done a project like this, but I have always wondered if you are using existing footings (or are those new, cant tell, concrete looks a little clean to be original) and then you are keeping the existing perimeter stem wall/ and some framing. At what point is it considered new construction, versus reno? I have heard if you use existing footings, you can take advantage of a non-compliance lot(in terms of setbacks), any truth to this?

@Danny Kay

Thanks ... the footers were all brand new..we did use the original exterior perimeter wall as it wasnt as damaged. This is definitely considered new construction but what nakes something new construction varies and depends on who you ask lol. Last question depends on county/city but i think you maybe right for the most part but dont quote me on this one.

@Danny Kay  From what I have heard, the City of Atlanta is much more lenient when you leave the front of the house alone.  I have seen instances where they kept the front porch and most of the footprint of the first floor, popped the top and almost doubled the sqft, and claimed it went right through permitting as a renovation.

@Jay Ragland Nice work. What kind of turnaround are you seeing when applying for permits with the City of Atlanta? I'm working on one in Grove Park now and its been in permitting for maybe 6 weeks which seems really long to me. My contractor is telling me they keep asking for more stuff. We just hired an architect last week to finish a few drawings up..hopefully we can get going soon

Nice job! how much you pay for the property and how much you put into renovation? Could you share more number?

Thank you!

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No my contractor had some drawings he thought we would be OK with

 City of Atlanta requires architect and structural engineer. My last couple permits were right around 6 weeks with minimal comments.

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@Danny Kay This will be the last time working without one in the city that's for sure. Do you think it was mainly due to the extent of the renovation?

 I don't work in renovations. But I bet since you have structural work, that is one of the reasons. I have some architect friends that have done decks for City of Atlanta, not sure if it was client or city driven though (even small projects seem to need design professionals).

I bet Atlanta is just sick of the nonsense they see trying to review projects with no design professionals involved, they review soo many projects that it may be a good way for them to increase their review efficiency.

Once your architect and engineer is on board it should smooth out. They have been taking around 5-7 business days after resubmitting plan comments, although with an entire new set of drawings it would not surprise me if it takes considerably longer in your case. Once you see everyone has approved in accella, you will get kicked into a final "plan coordination" step, that takes another handful of days it seems.