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Check with Azeez K. on here he might know of somebody.

Cleveland ave might have changed but years ago that are was extremely rough. I am born and raised in GA and lot of those areas I would never even get off the exits from the interstate.

What were you paying your PM? If you are paying just 7% then expectations might be out of line with what service you expect for managing lower income type tenants. Example even if paying 10% of rent and 700 a month then only 70 bucks to deal with likely crappy area and tenants. It's not worth the money for most. Lot of these residential PM's are doing management in between selling houses for larger commission checks.

Most of my residential investors friends buy in the higher end areas. Rent growth tends to be stronger and they can find better management companies but of course purchase price is higher and more cash for down payment is needed. I do not like older houses in areas like Cleveland ave because the ongoing capex can crush cash flow projections even if you get lucky enough to have a tenant that pays on time and takes care of the spaces.

Fulton county evictions can take a very long time as well.

Good luck. I hope you find someone good I have just not seen it.   

@Joel Owens  I couldn't have said it better myself. I own and manage property all over Atlanta. I try to only buy in better areas and advise my investors to do the same. Fulton county evictions take longer than Cobb and other counties without a doubt. 

We do not manage property in that area but I may know a few that do. They will charge a management fee in addition to management fees for overseeing repairs etc. You can PM me and Ill send you there info, you can reach out to them and get specifics.  

Hey Heath, I just wanted to let you know that Atlantic isn't operating in ATL anymore.

Gkhouses bought them at the beginning of November and have replaced most of the staff with their own. They now manage properties in Atlanta, Birmingham, Boulder, Chattanooga, Denver, Fort Collins, Little Rock, and Nashville.

While it sounds as if you weren't happy with Atlantic, it may be a different story now that the company has changed ownership!

Let me know if I can be of any help to you.Have a great one and best of luck!

@joel Owens thanks for the reply but having owned and managed 14 properties in that area since 2003 I really have a better idea as to what to expect than you might imagine. Without going into any details, I suspect there is a reason the new buyer terminated most of Atlantic’s staff. And I stand behind what little I have said about GTL. I believe it’s owner is on here fairly often shilling for his company. I’d suggest prospective investors look elsewhere. What I’d appreciate more are names of companies that other investors think highly of rather than the thread be hijacked. 

Hi Heath,

Check with Azeez K on here. He is a residential agent and also an investor himself. He owns small 2 to 4 units and some SFR or used to.

I don't have the contacts for SFR management as I am in the commercial space. Check with Jason Scott as well on here he did a lot of SFR rehab and sell flips so might have some contacts.

If you self-managed you have a vested interest and level of care with the properties that most management companies will not as their only payoff is the management fees and not equity build up or additional cash flow with the property.

Hi everyone. Apparently GTL property management has come across this post and believe they can scare me by sending this via their attorney:

CGR is also aware that you’ve published defamatory remarks in the landlord forum of Unless such comments are immediately retracted, CGR will also pursue a claim for defamation. You are also warned against any further baseless, defamatory remarks you may intend to promulgate to your tenants regarding CGR.

I’ve also found on other websites where they have attempted to similarly silence former landlords.i believe the site was yelp. Keep this in mind when looking for a property management company. 

I think this post speaks for itself about what any property manager can expect when dealing with Mr. Williams. For the property managers out there, think long and hard about that when deciding whether you want to do business with him. I won't comment on any of his allegations or any of our legal claims against him, as our attorneys will deal with him in the proper venue.

Todd won’t bother to say he was terminated for refusing to respond to at least 6 or 7 emails asking the same questions over and again. He also won’t bother to say that this was typical of his management company, both with respect to the tenants and myself. Instead he has his lawyers make hollow threats unsupported in the law rather than addressing the real problems. I am not the only one that didn’t have a great experience or that he has threatened. I believe there is a formal letter from his attorney wry to another landlord complaining of exactly the same problems on yelp. It’s fairly easy to find. 

You also had problems with GTL?  That does not surprise me. Todd’s arrogance from the outset was overwhelming. He thinks he knows it all. I would never recommend them. At present I am using Platinum Property management. I like them so far. They’re easy to work with and don’t abuse the tenants as GTL did. 

Wow...y'all really having a go at it on You can't just pick any property manager off google to handle your investments (i'm not assuming that anyone here did that). Some PM companies spend lots of money to appear at the top of google ads (nothing wrong with that...).

 Getting a referral from someone would be best (i guess the reason you've posted your question here?). Don't be surprised to find out that some people on here are working together to push referrals to certain companies. Never the less, if I where searching for a PM, I would want to interview that PM just as if I where going to hire an employee. Create a list of questions that are most important to you. Likewise, I will interview the potential client to see if they fit my company's culture. We want to clearly identify your goals for your investment (not just sign you up for a 10% take because you need a PM). 

Every PM company is not built the same. Some want manage in certain areas. Some want manage under a certain price points. Some will/want pay bills. Some can't manage repairs well. Some are too big for you to speak to the owner. Some or to small or to busy doing other things to respond in a timely matter. Bottom line is that you have to vet your PM's capability to manage your asset in a way that it remains an asset. Good Luck!

@Paula Martinez , @Heath Williams .....

Take a look at My Rent Source for PM. Their main office is located in Newnan with a satellite office in Gwinnett county. The cover the entire and ever expanding metro Atlanta area. They have managed properties for me in Clayton county for several years now and have done an outstanding job.......Very easy to work with. Best of luck and happy investing. If you are interested in learning more about the Clayton county RE market and/or other markets just south of Atlanta, please feel free to reach out to me. I spent a majority of my life growing up and living in the area and have a pretty good handle/perspective on that market. Take care.

RC Morris

Hello, all.

I use Platinum Property Management.  

When I retired form the military, I relocated to Georgetown, Texas just north of Austin. I have a single family home in Austell I needed to rent out prior to leaving.    When I interviewed, yes, interviewed companies, the principal owner came out to the house and sat at the table and went over everything they offer. I found that refreshing in itself. Others just asked me for info over the phone and "Google Earthed" my house to see where and what it looked like.   That was three years ago.  I would recommend them.



Hello All,

I have a property in McDonough GA. I am currently using gkhouses (called "Atlantic Property Management"). I feel all the costs under their management are too high compared to the income I received from the tenant. Any good property companies you can recommend, i.e., who is easy to deal with, has good connection with contractors who can charge reasonable prices and put landlords' interest as priority? Thanks.