Buying a home as an investment in Pittsburg Atlanta?

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Hello all, this is my first post. 

I am currently attending Med school at Emory, and and looking for a home to live in until I finish residency. 

My husband and I would like something that we can invest in and have been looking at homes in the Pittsburg, Atlanta neighborhood, but the prices seem pretty high for the area. 200k+ For homes near the Beltline. 

Does this seem like a smart investment? Our budget is 275k but we are looking to stay on the lower end of it while still being in the perimeter. Are there any other areas with good options? It seems like we are priced out of the Aidair Park neighborhood a block or so over from the houses that we are looking at. 

Thank you for your help/advice. 

Hey @Tawny, I think Pittsburgh is a great place to buy right now. That area is going to appreciate a ton over the next few years. I would also recommend you look around Capitol View, Oakland City (little further behind), Westview, and Ashview Heights area. Best of luck! Let me know if you'd like more detail.

Hi Tawny, my partner and I are currently working on a deal in the Pittsburgh area (30310). It's a 5 bed\ 2 bath fixer and there are currently multiple flips taking place in the neighborhood. If interested I can send over some information about the property. 

@Tawny Uzzi, 

I'm in the Atlanta area and my parents live in the Pittsburgh area. Both can be very profitable. I would recommend a home with a basement and rent it out with Airbnb. I personally prefer Atlanta but that should be decided between you and your husband. Good look! I know it will work out either way.

Another option that is similar in that price point that may be a bit closer to Emory Village is Decatur 30032. Neighborhoods like Belvedere Park and Candler area will have fully renovated ranches for mid-200s. Appreciation won't be as big as Pittsburgh might be, but you will still build equity over the next few years. Downtown Decatur is growing and has lots to do!

@Marc Brenner agree with this. Capital View and Sylvan Hills are still undervalued, IMHO. Pittsburgh is overpriced, although relatively cheap, but your investment will pay off inevitably.

Go for a walk in Pittsburgh and then tell me if you want to live there. There are awesome streets with great people, but also plenty of trap houses and garbage fires.

Personally, I'm a big fan of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas culturally/architecturally/geographically, but know what your getting into. You're paying a premium for huge growth potential, but you're going to need to put up with a lot meanwhile.

I own two in Pittsburgh and one in Capitol View and 100% agree with @Nicholas L. on this one.  I also love the neighborhood and people, but you're going to have to approach it with an open mind and some patience.  Capitol View has plenty of lovely craftsman style homes on the market in your price range and there are some great deals to be had if you're willing to put in a bit of work.

i think it is not a bad investment.  but i think west view/ adair park / pittsburg have already appreciated so much.  one funny thing that i see on the pittsburg listings are "pittsburg yards retail restaurants etc".  My friend tells me that's bs.  likely no retail/food/bars will be in the yards.  it's basically a bust.  i mean there might be some co work / studios / office.  but it likely won't be the retail area that these listing agents are selling.