GAReia or AtlREIA? Which one do you prefer?

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Anyone familiar with both Reia's? I'm looking to invest in the Atlanta metro area and both of these Reia's seem to be recommended here. If you only had to choose one which would you choose and why? 

GAREIA is a nonprofit. They help and educate. 

Atlanta reia for profit and they are very salesy. They are more focused on selling something to their members. Take a look at their website. 

Good luck. 

Why choose just one? I have found a lot more value out of free Real Estate Meetups. As Bill mentioned REIAs can be salesy at times, where most of the independent meetups are not. I am not a member of any REIAs but I will occasionally attend one of their subtopic meetings if the topic interest me. They all will allow you to attend just certain meetings and pay for that meeting instead of joining, if that is something you want to do.