Need Tile Installer (New Construction)

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I'm new to Atlanta.  I've worked for home builders in the past.  Regarding the glass shower door.  If it were me - i'd call a company that specializes in this.  They come out once and measure.  Then come back with the material and install.  I don't think it's real expensive.  

Hi Frank

I agree with Mike don't ask the tiler to install glass door. Find a company that specializes in installing glass doors. I will send you two contacts. However, only call the company when the tile is installed as they can properly measure.

For example a standard glass door as listed below will cost about $480 installed. Master bath may cost more about 1300 ish (2 doors)

Fix Panel
Glass Height: 68"
Glass Width: 32"
Glass Thickness: 3/8th tempered
Glass Color: Clear
Hardware Finish: Brushed Nickel
Tax Included

I can send you info on the tiler as well. Make sure the tiler does proper water proofing. Additionally ask your drywall person to install moisture resistant drywall in the bathroom areas that are more prone to moisture.

On a side note Do you have elevations for your new construction curious to see? Good luck