Any good turnkey companies in the Atlanta Metro area?

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Hi BP! 
Most of the posts I’ve seen about ATL turnkey companies have been older 3-4 year olds posts. I’m new to the area and would like to invest locally. Any recommendations? I’ve worked with Memphis Turnkey in the Memphis market but they don’t cover ATL.   

Thanks in advance!

Turn key companies are not that common in Atlanta, not like they are in some other markets(Kansas and Memphis for example). You have some bigger national guys like Roofstock etc. 

I think your best bet is to find a local agent and team that is familiar with working with Investors. 

Hey Erika, I have a really good relationship with a astute investor in Atlanta that works with rental properties and has a couple Turnkey options he has completed rehabbing recently. I am positive he would be happy to connect with you to see if what he currently has would be a good fit for you. Last I spoke with him he had a solid small multifamily opportunity he was busy with (Super rare in Atlanta) @Tyler Evans