BRRR on Periscope?

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Would there be any interest in a virtual Periscope Q&A on the BRRR strategy? I've been investing in Columbus, Ohio for the past 15 years and seen a lot of changes in the market. Would be happy to share with those who are looking to invest in the area.

I would be interested, yes. I have never used periscope but maybe some other members have. But, I would be interested in that type of information. 

Thanks for offering. 

Hi Kevin,

I'm an out of state investor looking to move into Columbus multifamily, preferably value add pays.... so I would definitely be interested.

Thanks- Ian

There has been a lot of attention on Columbus recently as a great place to live for millennials.

I'm happy to share my experience in the market as its changed in the past 15 years or so. There are a lot of niche neighborhoods and to someone that didn't grow up here and witness the trends it may be hard to decider between the ones transitioning up versus going downhill.

My handle on Periscope is HomestarKevin if you'd like to join the discussion. May put something together this evening and see how it goes!

I did a 30min Periscope last night...virtual tour of Columbus and my recommendations on areas to invest. It should be up for another 12h or so under my handle HomestarKevin.

Disclaimer: I'm not real proficient at Periscoping yet so I may try again sometime and condense the information a bit. Let me know what you think!

@Kevin Noesner  Thanks for the video.  Took awhile for me to figure out how to use periscope.  Hadn't d/l it or used it before.  I think I was trying to rewind or fastforward it and added a few hearts.  It was good, but didnt mean to add multiple hearts!   

Question about Merion Village and Hungarian Village.  Closer to German Village the crime isnt too bad, but down lower where the cheaper houses are, it not very safe.  How does that come into play with your decisions?  How long do you think it will be before it turns from red?

Old Town East and Italian Village seems to be the better bet, but as you stated we are being priced out by the bigger guys.  

Where do you see smaller multifamily's as a good investment area?

Just FYI I think your sound was more muted towards the end of your presentation.  

Thanks for putting it up!

Sean Dawson thanks for checking it out! It was a fun experiment.

For smaller doubles under $100k I think the southern part of Merion Village is your best bet. There are still some deals there but it's improved a lot over the last 5 years. If your budget is > $100k then you may consider the bigger doubles in Olde Towne East or Old North. If you're >$200k budget then you may find a fixer upper in German Village or Italian Village.