Moving to Athens - Looking for RE Agents and Investing advices

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Hello Everyone,

I'm currently based in Norcross but will move to Athens in September. I'm planning to purchase my first rental property/house hack there. I'm looking forward to connecting with RE agents/investors/contractors/PM in the area! I have about $58k in cash and was pre-approved for $300k conventional loan.

Right now I'm really looking for an investor-friendly agent who can help me find/bid on deals. Anyone who has recommendations please feel free to let me know!

My strategy is to buy a duplex in $100k range and live in 1 unit. Or buy a 3/1 SFH and rented out a room. There're recently a few duplexes that on sale for around 110k on the East side, which on paper the CoC ROI turns out to be 8-10%, not too bad?

Is there any neighborhood/part of town that I absolutely need to avoid?

Thank you all!!!

Hello @Hieu Bui and welcome. I think you will like Athens Ga. I will be in touch with you to talk and see in what way I can be a resource for you! The east side of Athens is a great little area! Most duplexes in Athens will need some deferred maintenance work before you are able to charge the top of the market rents. As far as where not to invest... There is a neighborhood called Stone Henge on the west side of Athens. I would personally stay away, even if the property was free.

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Hello  bui,

If you are moving to Athens in Greece - Search "Be real estate in greece" i recommend their services!!! you can find them on facebook

 Hey Sorry, this is in Athens, GA, USA.

@Hieu Bui

Hi, my wife and I are actively investing in Athens. Recently closed on an east side property. We've looked at a number of duplexes over the last few months. Definitely good opportunities and some estate sales that are moving quickly. I'm fairly new to the forum and looking to connect with locals and share info. Welcome!