Newbie in Honolulu

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Hey BP world,

   I am a newbie looking to getting into flipping here in Hawaii, then doing this in Texas. Any tips of the trade are welcome!!! Hawaii market seems tight but I just started the game. I'm waiting on a bunch hate mail/calls from people that I sent marketing letters to.  Hope that these letters didn't make it to anyone here in BP Hawaii!!!

Welcome to BP.  Why flip properties in Hawaii from Texas?  You will need to make sure you have someone or several people who can handle a lot of the hands on work with the flips.  Trust will be key.  You will need to have a good team of real estate agent, General Contractor, sub contractors, etc.  Wish you luck on your journey.

Hi Raymond,

Welcome to BP! Do you live here in Hawaii and visiting Texas? I have not heard of anyone flipping in Hawaii from out of state if that's the case. If you come across anything, and need another set of boots on the ground, please let me know. 

All the best



Hi Raymond - welcome to BP and to the Hawaii investing scene. I do a lot of flips on island. You did what most people don't do already -- market for deals. That's great that you're already sending out letters - hopefully the phone will ring and you'll be on your way. The biggest tip is to remember that the key to marketing is consistency. Mail every 3 to 4 weeks and don't worry about any naysayers or angry callers - it's a part of the business and part of the fun. :)