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Aloha all !!

I am new to biggerpockets, but I do watch the youtube videos that come out and the other videos such as #askbp. So I am asking how does one get started in REI? Do you need to set up a team of realtors to check out the MLS or would you use those sites like Zillow or redfin or to look for homes and comps? What do you suggest?

Personally, I like to use Zillow, redfin, etc. to check out properties. I analyze them, and let the numbers narrow it down to one or two. I'll then ask one of my realtor pals to show me a property. I don't want to be too much of a nag going around from listing to listing :) 

@Sandra Strong if you have Redfin in your area then @Ryan Ingram 's strategy is pretty good for figuring out if you have a deal on your hand.  I have mls access and most of the time I end up using Redfin anyway to search for value add opportunities around here.

@Ryan Ingram By default Craigslist displays ads in a gallery or list format. You can change this to "map" which will display everything just as you are used to seeing it with the other sites. Then to filter you just type words like "duplex" or "4 units" in the search bar. Craigslist is crucial as many of the ads are off market deals not listed on the MLS.

Thank you for the help!! Do you suggest or think it is a good idea to do a BOOTS ON GROUND event with a company called SNAP FLIP?? As it seems, they run you through different RE strategies but focuses more on wholesaling..what do you suggest?

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