Looking to connect w/ realtors & wholesalers in Boise metro area

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My wife and I have spent the last year living our dream of traveling the country full time. And now we are ready to chase our next dream which is owning a real estate business. 

We are traveling to Boise, Idaho after the July 4th holiday to learn more about the region. After a long process of investigating other areas around the country, Boise and the surrounding Meridan and Napma look like a lifestyle fit for us. 

We've set the goal of spending the month of July getting to know the area, and would like make the move our closing on our first rental property no longer than by the end of Sept. Feels like a really workable time frame.

In that regard as nonresidents and newbies, we're looking to connect with realtors, wholesalers and sellers in the area.

@Michael Key ,

Welcome, Michael. 

There is a great network of professionals on BP located in the Boise area.  I am a local wholesaler and buy and hold investor here.  Please feel free to reach out.  I'd be happy to discuss further and see how I can help you and your wife attain your next goal.

You will also want to connect with @Jonna Weber .  I'm sure she will reach out to you at some point to welcome you.

@Michael Key Sounds like a great plan!  I am a wholesaler in the area as well.  I would be interested in finding out what you are interested in specifically.  I always have a number of properties I am selling in the Boise, Meridian and Nampa areas.  I also work in some of the smaller cities like Mountain Home, Pocatello and Idaho Falls.  PM me and let me know how I can help you!

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Welcome to the site @Michael Key . There have been some great investor meetups lately so be sure to come introduce yourself when you are in town. I was born and raised here in the valley and know the areas well. I'm sure we will meet at some point and talk REI!



@Michael Key - How cool to have traveled all year!  @Dan Walters , thank you for the mention.   It looks like you are moving here as well as investing? I bet you'll love it here!  There is so much exciting growth going on in Boise, and Idaho is such a fun place to be in the Summer.  

Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. I apologize for not adding more specificity to my initial posting.

We've settled on first trying to find a multi-family that we can rehab and make work as a house hack. Our oldest has some needs that will require us to stay put for awhile. And Boise is a great match, both now and it seems long term. My goal for our family longer term is to buy and hold, and diversify as we learn more. But 2016 is basically "Find and purchase a multi-family" - I'm really interested in both triplex's and duplex's. 

We're actually in Sandpoint, ID right now with some friends who just closed on a house here. We will make it priority to get to the next meetup. Our first action item however is get to the area and start driving around.