Opinions on the idaho falls and pocatello idaho rental market.

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Looking for some help with the overall rental market in Idaho falls and Pocatello.

The market is great in Pocatello.  Did you have any specific questions?

@Mike Gallagher I live in the IF area and am myself actively reviewing quite a few properties in Pocatello & IF, also Rexburg. The difference I've noticed is that in Rexburg the prices are rising fast and difficult to find good buys. Pocatello and IF are more affordable to find great rentals and flips. I am planning on acquiring at least a couple rental properties in Pocatello very soon. If you need a Realtor to help you find properties who understands investor needs in any of the Eastern Idaho locations, I have to recommend my wife. PM me if you would like to get her information.

Hey guys, any update on this area 1 year later? @Mike Gallagher did you end up investing in this area? @Don Spafford has the market continued to rise in Rexburg, but stay steady in Pocatello and IF? What about Blackfoot or the other smaller towns in between? 

I’m looking for multifamily properties in the area since my home marke of San Diego is way too expensive.  Thanks for any advice or tips. 

@Laura McNary Yes, Rexburg has pretty much become too expensive to get a good return. Other areas everywhere in between Pocatello to Idaho Falls still are doing well. But they too have been slightly increasing and getting harder to find great properties. I bought a 4 plex in Chubbuck last June which is just outside of Pocatello and has been great for me. If you are interested in investing in the area, send me a PM and I can get you more specific information depending on your criteria.

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@AngieDaw I would love to connect with you as I am looking to purchase a duplex in Pocatello that I’ve came across. I am an out of state investor from California. I’m looking for a knowledge agent that can help me with the area and a good PM. Please message me when you have time. thank you! 

@Monet Lakey If you still need help with an agent or info about the area PM me and I can help you out. I have seen most of the MF properties available in Pocatello so if it is one I've been to I can let you know about it or what to expect with it.

@Don Spafford Just added you, would love to chat about your experience investing in Pocatello-Idaho Falls area

Hey guys! I would love to join in! I am an agent in Pocatello and want to build my investment portfolio! I used to own a 4-plex, but sold it last year due to some issues in my personal life. However, I am wanting to invest in rental properties again! Any advice for a semi-newby? I want to try using a private investor, but have no experience. Have any of you used one? If so, which company did you go with?

Thank you!!

Hi everyone! I am new in this rental investing thing and I'm loving it so far. I've been looking into Pocatello and Idaho Falls area as well. Chubbuck looks like a nice area price wise. I am even willing to move there (I live in rexburg with one property here), However I do not know the rental market at all in Pocatello. Any concerns or advice?

Hi Daniel, what kind of investment strategy do you have?

@Jace Holt My Strategy so far has been House Hacking. My first property I bought a House and rented the basement. Now I am looking to acquire another multifamily property (Duplex,Triplex, or 4Plex) and live in it for 1 year with hopefully an FHA loan., while still mantaining my first property. Once I get there i'll figure out the next step.

@Daniel Bareno Are you wanting value add such as repairs or kitchen/flooring updates?

Has anyone worked with HomeRiver Group in Idaho Falls for their property manager? Things you liked/disliked about working with them? 

Also, can anyone recommend a good carpet replacement specialist/garage door replacement specialist/electrician/HVAC service specialist in the Idaho Falls/Pocatello area? 

@Monika Christensen For Garage door repairs, I have had great experience with service and fair pricing from Discount Door Company. I've had them repair my own garage door and for a property I manage and they have been great. For HVAC I've used a couple, nothing really notable except for one that came quickly in an emergency on a holiday weekend, that was "Brian Excellence Heating". I've heard of another company that can do HVAC replacement pretty cheap, but I'd need to get that info from another guy that used them recently and told me about it, got his replaced at about half the cost of other guys. I've also got a great gutter guy if you need that. Doing mine for about 65% the price of other two estimates I got.

Thanks for those great recommendations, Don! We're looking into a property that is needing a lot of repairs so we're trying to gather the best contractors in the area. My husband and I are here in Utah and are very unfamiliar with the Idaho Falls/Pocatello area. My previous post was about a specific property management company we're thinking of working with, but does anyone have any suggestions of property management companies that you've had a great experience working with? 

@Monika Christensen I have not worked with any. I manage my own here locally down to Pocatello and also manage for some friends as well but on specific good properties. I know Home River is fairly new to the area, they bought out another but I can't speak to their service. There is another post about them from a Boise office that wasn't favorable. I have seen other bad management here from some companies that managed properties my wife has sold and I would never use them. But I think they also were either recently bought out or maybe just changed name as I've seen their sign has changed at their office.

Hello Monika, we self manage our 4-plex in Pocatello, but the common area is PM'd by The Brokerage PM, they've done a good job.   They have just merged with Real Property Mgmnt Pocatello.   

I've also heard 5 Star Property Management in Pocatello has a good reputation. 

@Monika Christensen   In Idaho Falls I'm not aware of anyone who really loves their property managers, sadly, most investors self-manage.  If you find one to go with, be sure to share your experiences here on BP, that's a real need in our market!

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