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If anyone is in the Plainfield or Western Suburbs area that wants to talk REI over lunch one day let me know. I don't think I'm networking enough with like minded people. I find myself talking to friends and family about deals and most of the time it seems they could care less. I'm hungry for knowledge.

Hey Torrance,

I find myself struggling to find like-minded people to discuss REI with as well, check out there are tons of clubs and REIAs in the Chicagoland area that are run by very successful investors. Ill be attending my first meeting next week, maybe we can get together!

On a side note I'm not looking for a hard money lender to close one of my deals or a mentor to cling on to. I'm not selling any programs or pushing any books. I'm just tired of discussing the last award shows, reality TV or the funniest new skit circulating social media. I just want a good conversation in between monthly REI meetings.

@Torrance Green  -  You will find that here on BP.  Get involved on the forums and discussions.  Already this morning I have had conversations with investors in California, Ohio, and even France!

Good advise @Igor Kajpust  I'll look into today.

@Brie Schmidt  when I first joined BP I planned on posting on the forums nonstop. But with all of these training classes and showing clients I find myself in the field most of the day. Once I do get through this learning curve I'll definitely become more active. Speaking of France I'll be taking my wife to France next year for our 10yr anniversary. I CAN'T WAIT!

@Torrance Green

Its been awhile since we last spoke at the Dino's networking event. How are things going? I am still looking for great deals and interested in working together. Let me know if you see anything appealing. Also, trying to find a great deal for me and my wife in Woodridge/Darien/Downers. Hope to talk to you soon. 

Have a great weekend,


@Torrance Green

I am a new investor, but I am currently in contract in a place in the west burbs. I do not plan to invest as far as Plainfield nor have I done any research in that area, but would love to meet up over lunch or coffee. My focus is more Oak Park to Melrose Park area. 

Send me a private message if you are still interesting in growing your network.

Torrance Green how you doing my brother. I just read your post and I definitely understand networking with like minded people. Yes you should definitely download the meetup app. I'm also a investor and I live next Plainfield area. Let's definitely network bro. Send me your email and I'll send my contact.

We do a lot of work in McHenry, Kane, Cook, Lake and Dupage. Would love to meet up and chat sometime! 

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