Meetup to learn more about Real Estate Crowdfunding?

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Hi all! I work for Groundfloor, one of the first real estate crowdfunding platforms to target non-accredited investors as well as non-accredited investors. I'll be in Chicago next week and wanted to see if there is any interest in learning more about real estate crowdfunding in the Chicago area. Please reply back or PM me with any thoughts or questions! Just joined the community here, very excited to learn from all of you. 

Hey Ben, replied on the other platform.  I wasn't aware that there was a meet up in Chicago next week.  What are the details and is anyone else from Groundfloor going to be there?

@Jim Groves  Well, there isn't officially...trying to get one together. :) Possibly Thursday evening? Who else could you possibly want from Groundfloor?! Joking. This time it's just me. Would love suggestions for a good ad hoc meeting place if you have any. 

I wasn't sure if there was a meetup, because there just was one last week with PoL, PeerRealty and AHP.  It might be a little soon to have another one, but they used WeWork's new offices which could be available to you too as they're looking to build awareness of their new facilities.

@Ben Armstrong

I will pass this on to our retirement account holders that invest in investments outside the stock market.

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