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Has anyone used this for the city of Chicago? I'm debating between paying for this and customizing my own or using the free on through Chicago Association Of Realtors. I've played around with the one through EZ and there's state specific stuff and a couple of things pertaining specifically to Chicago, but I don't know which to use. Help?

You're correct, a lease. It looks like the EZ forms site lets you make your own while reminding you of the rules in IL, with some things specific to Chicago, and I like the idea of customizing it to my liking, which is why I was leaning that way. Would I be setting myself up for possible trouble in the future by doing so? Easier to stick to the basics?

Thanks for the quick response! 

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Have you tried the Community Investment Corporation Chicago? Their website has tons of free info including forms and a property management manual that is Chicago specific. Here is the link:

As @Brie Schmidt  had said having all of the information that is required by the RLTO is something you don't want to mess with.  In terms of customizing your lease you can add separate addendums for what you would like to also include in the lease but keep in mind that they have to not violate any of the rules in the RLTO if any do it won't matter if it's signed.

We have always used the Chicago association of realtors lease since it gets updated every year.