Snow Removal

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It is that time of year again and our normal company is no longer servicing our area of Chicago.  Does anyone have any good snow removal companies they can recommend?   Specifically in portage park and albany park?

someone in Chicago has to have a good snow removal company!

I too would like to know...  if you get a referral please pass that along

@Brie Schmidt

Midland Snow & Ice Management in Villa Park is one but I think they only do commercial, give them a call. I would talk to the landscapers, they usually do that in winter or know of one.

Wish I could help @Brie Schmidt but when that time of year comes its still just me with my shovel unfortunately :(

But I will ask around and see if I can get some contacts for you.

Any luck @Brie Schmidt? I'm in the same situation looking for temporary removal during the holidays. 

I love living in Southern California for this very reason. Best of luck to you all.

Originally posted by @Steve Snyder :

I love living in Southern California for this very reason. Best of luck to you all.

 Hey, don't be so sure! We last had measurable snowfall here in San Diego as recently as 1967. It could happen! XD

Originally posted by @Steve Snyder :

@Kevin Fox 1967 was so pre-climate change ... we're in the clear

Very true. 

Thank goodness for the greenhouse effect. I don't even own a shovel!

I know it's super later...but has anyone had any luck finding a reasonable snow removal company? Also, what are typical prices? I have about 2700 sq. ft. of driveway and I got quoted $165 for 2" - 6" (there's room to negotiate down to maybe $145), and for every inch above 6" its an extra $15. 

Seems a bit pricey to me...


What's the property location, @Sam Amir ? I can send you a name and contact info.

@Brian Morrison thanks for the recommendation! I just contacted Justin at Pratt Landscaping. 

@Brie Schmidt which company did you end up going with? Why do you choose snow removal companies over making a tenant responsible? I think I could pay less by getting a tenant to do the work but I suppose that introduces liability and reliability issues. What are your thoughts?

@Meera Lakhavani - mine are all multi units so more than one tenant.  One of my properties the tenant does it and deducts it from rent

@Brie Schmidt I have companies, but they are too far from you... My landscaper in Berwyn does snow removal. He was going to charge me $20 per shoveling at my 19 unit. Have you tried finding a landscaper that does both lawn care and snow? 

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