Passiontate Newbie in Chicago Suburbs

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Hi guys

I currently rent in the West Suburbs of Chicago and will purchase my first property within the next year. I work in the accounting department at a logistics company and want to earn additional streams of income.

I've been analyzing deals for the majority of the year to study the market and build confidence in order to take action. I'm preparing my processes and getting teams in place to get started! I'm looking to network and build relationships in every aspect of the business.

I'd appreciate any support and guidance, let me know of meet ups in the Chicago land area!



Hey @Ryan Piotter ,

It's great that you've been analyzing deals. That's a great way to get comfortable with the numbers. That being said there's nothing that will build more confidence than actually taking the step. PM me if you'd like to connect, I'm a wholesaler and I'm also connected with a few great hard money lenders. Best of luck with your real estate endeavors!


Welcome to the community! I wish you the best as you move forward with your first steps.

They key is to establish a plan for your REI career. Are you going to be a buy-hold, cashflow oriented investor, are you going to be a fix-flip investor, etc.

From there you can start narrowing in on your target areas and working with the property owners and brokers who specialize in that area. 

What part of town are you looking to invest in currently? We do work all over the suburban market.

Thanks guys

The goal is to start off with a smaller multi-unit to hack in,  gain the experiences that come along with it while still building up my professional career. I'm mainly focused on cash-flow for the time being but being patient in the challenging market. 

I'm currently looking in the near west suburbs to have closer proximity to the downtown area, although I have ties more west and look at St. Charles/Geneva every now and then.

@Ryan Piotter Welcome to BP!

My Mom lives in Geneva! Its expensive for the most part but you can find little pockets of older/smaller homes on the east side. Renting there would be great! School District is very solid.

Welcome Ryan!  I know you'll do great! Im actually an real estate agent here in st. charles/ geneva! Let me know If you'd like to connect or if you have questions about the area. I have not yet gotten my first investment property yet but have been keeping my eye out on for certain criteria to be met 

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