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Hi Everyone,

I recently had an inspection done from my insurance company on our 6 unit multifamily building located in Elmwood Park and they want us to put in 2 fire extinguishers, but provided very little guidelines for the rating and class of the extinguisher. From what I read off the Chicago fire code and NFPA standards, I believe I picked up the right ones but just want to confirm...does a 4 lb 2A:10BC rated extinguisher work? 

Also, these need to be inspected by a certified specialist and tagged. Does anyone have a good referral? I appreciate the help and your time! 



2A:10BC are correct.  If you were written up, install them and then call for a reinspection.

Just went thru this in Redlands, CA.

Those extinguishers need to be checked and tagged yearly. I use Citywide Fire Protection Services 2919 Irving Park Road. I only use them as they are close to my house. I take the extinguishers to them yearly to check the pressure and date tag them. After 5 yrs ( I think) they need to be replaced.

If you need to do this for the Ins Company just buy them, install them,  take pictures and sent the pics and a copy of the receipt to your Ins broker or Ins Company. That is usually good enough for them. No re-inspection should be required.

But for the CITY inspectors don't just "set it and forget it"  If the City does an inspection down the line they will fine you if the extinguishers have not been checked and are out of date.

Those guys at Citywide call me yearly to remind me to brings in my extinguishers to get the up to date tags. Takes about 5 mins.

PA Crimson in Lombard does good fire extinguisher work, I use them for the office/warehouse. The call each year about a month before expiration to re-tag, and their prices have remained stable unlike other companies that come in the first year super cheap then jack the price way up each year after. They can likely tell you the right size extinguisher you need and where to place it.

They keep records of each unit on their ipads and you get an invoice immediately once they leave via email. Pics of the tagged extinguishers with their invoice should be good enough for the insurance company. After the initial purchase, the retag is cheap each year.

Thank you both, I'll make some calls. I appreciate the help!

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