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I'm an investor out of Louisville, KY but I previously lived in Chicago.  I have a condo that I am considering selling.  I have an interested party but I thought I might open it up to market.  Are there any fee based agents in Chicago?  I work with a few here locally but don't know any in Chicago.  Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Oops, I read that wrong. Jay is in Louisville, sorry.

Hi Michael, where is the condo located?

It's near Eckhart Park in Westown

@Michael Faurest there are a few fee based agents here.  By fee I will presume you mean flat fee not commission. I am not sure of those agencies how ever. 

Commissioned agents will charge between 5 to 6%.

If I can. Be of assistance please let me know. 

The list agent still needs to offer up a min 2.5% for the buyer agent else no one is going to look at it.

Then you have to offer something to the listing agent to cover his time and costs. You obviously want an agent cause you know they bring VALUE ELSE you would of opted for a For Sale by Owner. 

Not fee based, but Redfin operates in Chicago.  

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