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My name is Dylan I'm 24 and starting my adventure in house flipping. I'm currently an independent contractor but I would like to stop being the builder and be the investor. So with that being said are there any current house flippers or investors in the Chicago area that wouldn't mind meeting up for lunch so I can surround myself with the people I would like to become

If you are interested in flipping homes in the chicago area I would be happy to discuss

So currently I've been reading Gary Keller "flip", "foreclosure investing for dummies" and youtubing vlogs but I know studying the recipe is going to only get me so far before I need some real life experience. 

@Dylan Moskal Im just getting started as well but have found some great scheduled meetups on BP. Here is a link to my post asking for similar information. Some interesting info there. 

Also, the meeting at Dinos is a great one for just being around like minded people sharing strategy. The next one is Dec 5.

Hope this helps.

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Update: forgot to include the link--

I'm open to meeting up too. My background is in brokerage and Doing the BRR strategy.

I started doing house hacking, still live in my first building. Feel free to reach out to me if you will be in the city.

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