Contractor recommendations for garage teardown and rebuild?

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So I have a 2-flat in Little Village and I have a structurally unsound one-car garage that I need torn down and a 2-car put in its place. Anyone have any recommendations for a trustworthy contractor that can complete the work and not charge me to death?

FYI, it's a raised garage (common on the SW side) that is about 6 feet above yard level so it'd need a foundation and the build. Looking to get a quote so I can find financing on it. Thanks in advance!

Chicagoland garage builders. They did mine in wicker. High marks across the board... options, cost, quality, time, ease, etc 

@Wes LeBlanc Awesome, thanks! I'll give them a call for an estimate so I can figure out if I want/need to finance it. 

You will find that it will cost around $1800 to do the required asbestos test, secure permits and do the tear down. standard 2 car garages with pad run around $14,000, plus or minus. Fairly competitive business so hopefully you won't have trouble getting bids. Will you need a new pad and foundation? Does it need to be elevated as you described?

@Mark Shelstad Yeah, it will need a new foundation and unfortunately it does have to be elevated. Sorry for the bad picture, but you can see the alley the garage is on is about 6' above the back yard.

@Lucas Hammer Interesting - would think you were in the Big Easy! Is basement flooding an issue in the area if this is a common set up?

@Mark Shelstad Doesn't seem to be. I have a crawlspace though and no basement. I think a lot of the Little Village houses were designed just like this. My first floor is actually a few feet above the lot because of the crawlspace.

@Lucas Hammer Makes sense without a basement. If you find the time, I'd love to hear how much of a premium your particular garage foundation cost and if new footers were required, etc. Good luck! 

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Hi Lucas, I'm working with a GC in Chicago who's honest and communicative with his clients. Happy to share his info and give warm introductions if interested. Feel free to shoot a pm.

@Nathan Yee , that'd be great! My first estimate was pretty high so I'm looking to get some other opinions on it.

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