Making an apartment legal

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I’m under contract on a six unit that has an illegal unit. I’m looking for someone to wedding go in on the cost of making it legal. It seems to be up to code to me. My lawyer was saying I needed an architect. I’m not sure if that’s right.

@Peter Halliday the first question would be if the local township will allow it to be legal. Have you checked with the zoning/building department in the town it is located in? Is this a suburban deal or a Chicago deal? Most of the deals I have been seeing in the suburbs that have illegal units won't fly with the illegal unit in place. Most of the suburbs are trying to get rid of these units using zoning changes, etc. 

Just so that others can be helped.  I had asked the seller for a Zoning Compliance Certificate, which the zoning department can do by coming out and giving their official determination of the number of legal units.  They determined that the unit was a legal, non-compliant unit.  So went from potentially illegal to ok.