Repairing wood windows that have some rot

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I’m working on a house with wood windows that haven’t been getting enough light and have rotted in some parts. Obviously every window person I talk to wants to replace all the windows on the house. However, I’ve been doing research that some contractors can repair these windows and replace the rotted wood for much cheaper. 

Does anyone have any experience with this issue? 

There is a great blog called The Craftsman. He discusses window repairs. Many windows can be saved, I repaired a few and they work great. Read about wood epoxies, copper seal, reglazing, etc.

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@Bob Floss II I know a lot of small time land lords, including myself, that have repaired existing windows. The issue I have had is that there are not really any contractors that do this kind of work cheaply. There is simply no money in it for them. You can have windows changed with double pane vinyl windows for around 200-300 per opening. 

If you want to save them, it might be worth doing a DIY project. The work is simple and your local hard ware store can help with glass repair, etc if you take the panes out.