Chicago wholesaling contract question

4 Replies | Chicago, Illinois

Hello everyone, im a newbie investor in Chicago that is starting to wholesale I understand most of the wholesaling process and just have one question to ask. So Im getting ready to start marketing in about two weeks but I recently went to a attorney to have him review my purchase and sale agreement contracts and he told me to use a multi-board residential real estate contract instead. The contract is 13 pages long and more complicated than a purchase and sale agreement, the attorney told me I need the contract so im backed by "title insurance" which is making me question the process of wholesaling.  So what im trying to ask is do you use the purchase and sale agreement or do you use the multi-board residential real estate contract to wholesale in Chicago? 

Just use the Chicago Association of Realtors Apartment/Investments Purchase and Sale Contract. Attorneys and title company are familiar with it. Just googled and it should come up