Great PM Getting Things in Order

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I just want to post about our property manager he is doing a great job out of the gate. We closed on 7/27 and had not so great hand off for our PM. The skinny, just a lot of newbie/rookie mistakes. He took all in stride and has been very responsive. He did some immediate sprucing up and sent us pictures. All of this has been very helpful since we are also out town investors. The name is Mark Shreffler of 606 Realty LLC. You should give the firm a call when choosing PM.

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thanks for sharing...great to know and congrats!

 We just dumped a lot on the organization in under week.  We closed Friday and they have been working hard literally everyday from the day we closed until now.  Darn newbies.  LOL  I just wanted to share our experience with group about this PM just in case someone is interviewing PMs.  

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Thanks for sharing, I'm new to this also and trying to get educated and collect some good resources.

 My group and I are new and out of towners.  The PM we contracted worked so hard begging the closing day, as soon we took possession of the property, that I felt it would be morally wrong not to share my experience up this point.  Yes, it has been only week and so far they are exceeding expectations for us.   Hmmmm, maybe our expectations are TOO low.  LOL.  Feel free to follow up with me periodically to see if things are still running smoothly.  All the best to you.